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Physical Therapist led wellness and preventative care

Empowering seniors to stay active through exercise, education, and health promotion.  Whether you are looking to sharpen your balance to protect against falls, improve your mobility, or get started on a fitness routine, Andrea will craft a personalized program based on your health status and goals.  Sessions are individualized and provided in your home, at your convenience.

Senior Physiotherapy
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Staying active is the key to aging well.  Wellness and preventative care services improve fitness, optimize movement, and increase independence.  As a physical therapist, Andrea is uniquely qualified to support individuals in good health, as well as those with more complex medical conditions.  A proactive approach to your health can make a meaningful impact on your quality of life.  

Pre-hab and Post-rehab fitness

Set yourself up for success and reduce your recovery time with pre-hab training before surgery.  Continue your journey of health and independence after discharge from the hospital or graduation from physical therapy.

Wellness Evaluation

Global assessment of cardiovascular health, posture, functional strength, balance, and fall risk using evidence-based tools.  Together we will develop a program to address limitations and improve quality of life.

Functional Strengthening & Postural Reeducation

Targeted strength and flexibility exercises to improve mechanics, posture, and function. Whole body program increases independence and confidence with everyday activities.

Balance Training & Fall Prevention

Balance and proprioceptive training to improve dynamic balance and reduce risk of falls.  Home safety assessment included.


Endurance training with vitals monitoring to increase stamina post illness, COVID, or cardiac rehab.

Speaking and Consulting

Lead community workshops on healthy aging topics.  Provide consulting for community program development focused on senior health, balance, and fall prevention.

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Wellness Investment

"The best investment you can ever make is in your own health." -SH
An active lifestyle reduces the risk of chronic disease, decreases healthcare costs, and improves quality of life.  Any age is the right age to exercise! Make your health a priority.


All programs will be tailored to your individual goals. Whether you prefer to be seen twice a week for regular fitness or twice a month to guide progression of an independent program, Andrea will work with you to develop a program that works for you.  All services provided promote health, wellness, and fitness to reduce the risk of injury and improve quality of life.  If you have an acute injury or episode of pain, please seek out formal physical therapy.

Pay Per Visit



1 hour session

One on One

In your home



Individualized Program

4 Visit Bundle

Bundle Price: $450

$50 savings

Four 1 Hour Sessions

One on One

In your home


Individualized Program

Guided Progression

8 Visit Bundle

Bundle Price: $850

$150 savings


Eight 1 hour sessions

One on One

In your home

Individualized Program

Guided Progression

Wellness and injury prevention are not considered covered services by insurance.
Payment is due at or before time of service.
Accepted forms of payment include cash, check, or credit card.

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Andrea Cziprusz PT, DPT

Andrea is a physical therapist passionate about health and wellness advocacy and education across the lifespan. She has 10+ years of clinical experience and wants to do more to serve the seniors in her community. Throughout her clinical practice, she has been continually frustrated by the lack of preventative care.  Why wait to prescribe physical therapy until after a fall?  Or until an individual can’t get up from a chair?  Our healthcare system is far too focused on reactive medicine and there is a huge need to fill in the gap.  Andrea is eager to do just that with personalized wellness programming. 


Andrea graduated from Case Western Reserve University with dual degrees in Nutrition and Psychology, as well as a Sports Medicine minor.  Her interest in rehabilitation grew with her exposure to athletic training as a student athlete.  She went on to pursue a Doctorate of Physical Therapy at the University of Delaware, ranked #1 in the nation for physical therapy graduate programs.  Since graduation, she has worked in a variety of settings including outpatient orthopedics, inpatient rehabilitation, skilled nursing, and in a retirement community with independent living, assisted living, and memory care.  Andrea lives in Franklin, TN with her husband, two children, and yellow lab. She enjoys an active lifestyle with her family and is always looking for a new adventure. 

As a movement specialist, educator, and motivator, Andrea will help you reach your fitness goals and live your best life.

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